My life

Hi, I’m Elise! I’m a citizen of Heaven passionate about bringing God’s grace to the world. I am currently studying Professional Writing at Taylor University, where I pursue three of my greatest loves: people, writing, and the Word of God. I like to smile, rescue pretty leaves from the sidewalk, and pray with people. If you watch me for long enough, you’ll probably see me dancing to the music in my head, inhaling sunlight, or splashing in puddles with my signature yellow rainboots. 

My Purpose

I started this blog as an outlet for my writing and a vessel for truth. My primary goal in my writing and my life is to bring glory to the Author of the world. The complexity of his plans and character inspire me to dig deeper in my own writing to create little pieces of work that reflect his craftsmanship.

I find the greatest joy in serving God by doing my best and putting words together to create pieces that are both enjoyable and deep. We are, after all, created in God’s image, and God is a creator.

My Path

From the time I was five, I was writing not-so-original marshmallowy happy Winnie the Pooh stories and starting half-baked ideas that never came to fruition. From there I moved on to slightly more complex stories, still sugary and cliche, with a hint of an idea of plot. As I grew, I learned to appreciate the simple beauty of words that showcase truth. But I don’t just like words; I need them. Unable to make sense of my mind until it is emptied onto a page of paper or poured onto a screen, I tell my friends and family that I “think on paper.” So naturally, I dived into this necessity by creating a place for my thoughts to live: Lattes and Letters.

Come and hear, all you who fear God,
    and I will tell what he has done for my soul.

Psalm 66:16

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