My mind shot at me

With vision obscured, I tried to find a way

But my heart could not keep confusion at bay

I went to one knee

Sleepless, I tossed

Right next to my bed was the Word that could save

I hoped it would lift me far out of my grave

I was lost

I opened the Book

Turning pages, I looked for some use for myself

I read every Proverb, gave it back to the shelf

I started to look

Before the throne I knelt

In the winds of my mind I looked for the truth

But some things just can’t be answered by youth

In chaos I watched my heart melt

Fear the Lord

That’s the beginning of wisdom, Sol claimed

But the next thing is close, and that’s where I aimed

Parents weren’t made to be ignored

Mom and Dad

You loved me before I took my first breath

You love me still till I go to my death

I trust you

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