Do your worst

Do your worst,

She’s mine—

Through every tear and storm

Through every shattered cry

Degraded to a worm

Do your worst,

You devil—

Take away all wealth

Take away all love

Snap her perfect health

Do your worst—

Do your worst!

She’s mine, I know her heart

Just try to tear her back from me

Or drag us apart

Do your worst,

You monster—

Huff and puff with ardor

I know something you don’t know

That makes your job much harder

Do your worst,

She’s mine!

I bought her, she’s my own

I hold her close—my girl, to love

Held up beneath the cornerstone

She’s mine, you devil


So try and take her back

Every fruitless effort

Will show you what you lack

It’s not her work that matters,


It’s me, and what I’ve done

Listen closely, Satan—

The battle has been won

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