Jesus bled maroon from the splinters on his head. Jesus ripped the veil and his back's skin turned to thread. Jesus tore in two as he opened up his heart. Cloth of flesh fell open; now his life is broken art. See the tapestry: it is swirl on swirl of red. Wrap your hands around... Continue Reading →

Why I Put Wildflowers on the Table

I love wildflowers. Right now, their yellow heads are filling a garden bed in my backyard, waddling back and forth in the sunshine. I am not sure what these wildflowers are called, but they feel important. Even when packing a moving truck, figuring out logistics, and planning goodbyes, I take the time to put a... Continue Reading →

Why I write

Writing is not easy. Everything I publish is subject to at least three drafts, probably more. I handwrite two pages every day just to process my thoughts. I often dislike my words the moment they appear on the screen, mocking me with their smallness. That's why I think it's worth sharing why I stick to... Continue Reading →

Singing Again

I don’t know when my spark went out, but it did. I haven’t wanted to sing for months. Life hit me like a pile of textbooks, and I kept my voice quiet. But last Wednesday, feeling emptier than ever, I rediscovered my voice. When my grandma asked me out for coffee, we sat down and... Continue Reading →

My Unintentional Hiatus

Hello again, readers. I owe you an explanation for my absence. It’s been a rough semester, which has given me a lot to write about but a lot of obstacles between me and my notebook. I’ve found that pulling out my journal and having nothing to say is like being reunited with an old friend... Continue Reading →

Blank pages

I have always appreciated the beauty of a blank page. It can be scary, but for me it has always been easier than the half-filled page. It is easy to start new; it is hard to devote myself to big, old, unfinished projects. This same principle made my first semester of college a joy. College... Continue Reading →

Bats and the Lake

They dove, then swooped back up at the last minute. Little winged creatures abandoning themselves to the dusk, black against the sunset's muted orange glow. Fearless, persistent, bold, but somehow also wiggly, uncertain, halfhazard. I didn't notice they were bats until I had already begun to admire them. In the second after the realization, images... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on honesty

Once upon a time, I liked a boy--a lot. The truth is, I couldn't get him out of my head, and I didn't want to. I loved him and I thought he liked me, and we both sought God. I unfurled my future like a scroll in my head, and he was always a part... Continue Reading →


Every year they ask me ’gain What would make my special day And every year I’m forced to look For something more than “love” to say   I have my family round me now What more could I desire? With smiles wide as crushing hugs And witty tongues alive with fire   Last year I... Continue Reading →


My mind shot at me With vision obscured, I tried to find a way But my heart could not keep confusion at bay I went to one knee - Sleepless, I tossed Right next to my bed was the Word that could save I hoped it would lift me far out of my grave I... Continue Reading →

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